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Feeling Left Behind in the Digital Economy?

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest in the tech economy? Is the jargon killing you; non-fungible this and augmented that? If yes, you're at the right place! Be guided through the fog of technobabble to a better understand of what's going on and what's coming next.
Feeling Left Behind in the Digital Economy?

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What's In It For You?

In a world of labels, I'm not sure what mine is anymore. All I can do is tell you is what I can do for you: I'm a writer, podcaster, commentator and youtuber. I love the world of technology, how we use it and what it can do for us. I'm also a business man, investor in tech startups and a coach to founders and tech entrepreneurs.

My goal is to find the clues from what’s going on in the world of tech and second guess what it means to our digital lives. On this you will find all of my content to help you navigate the fog of jargon and technobabble. You’ll find insights and perspectives on industry trends, explainers to make sense of what's happening, and some predictions about what might be coming next.

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The Utility Of Emerging Tech

Learn how 25+ consumer brands leverage new technologies to build better customer engagement

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Leveraging Technologies

Learn how consumer brands leverage emerging technologies to enhance customer loyalty, build brand value and optimise their operations

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