Making Sense of Today's Tech Economy, So That You Don't Have To.

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." In other words, you only have to be 1% smarter than your competition to have an advantage. Knowledge is power. Understanding is leverage. Join 14k+ smart people like you who get Wiser! every week.
Making Sense of Today's Tech Economy, So That You Don't Have To.

Things I Do:

Inform ✍️

What's happening and what's next in Tech is what interests me the most. In a newsletter, podcast and on YouTube, I make sense of the most important trends, strategies and insights so that you don't have to.
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Explain πŸ€”

From public speaking to strategic consulting, I deliver data-driven insights to help them stay one step ahead of their competition.
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Entertain πŸŽ™

Tech is a jargon filled business. It can seem hard to understand, complicated and daunting. That's why I break it down in simple and engaging language, so that even my mum can understand.
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Things People Say:

"it's always such fun hanging out with you" - Daniel Schreiber, Founder and CEO, Lemonade.
"I love to read Rick's newsletter for great insights!" - Spiros Margaris, VC and No 1 social media influencer.
"Check out Wiser! There's great content there." - Ron Shevlin, Industry Analyst, Forbes writer.
"When I cleaned up my Inbox, I unsubscribed from everything except Rick's newsletter. I wouldn't miss my Friday updates for the world." - Charles Radclyffe, Founder EthicsGrade.
"I limit my read of IT tech and business because of the massive noise in the market. I always read Wiser - it really fills a gap in what's happening in a 10 minute read." - Dean Lilly, Strategic Sales, DXC Technology.
"He is a great coach and I have enjoyed working with him.." - Tahir Adam, Partner, Suez Capital.

The Big Themes:

Wiser! Insights:

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