Making Sense of Tomorrow's Digital World, Today.

Join 14k+ smart people who get Wiser! every Friday. Wiser! is a newsletter that makes sense of the trends, strategies, and the big stories across 4 strategic themes: Big Tech, Web3, Metaverse and Social Media.
Making Sense of Tomorrow's Digital World, Today.

Three Ways I Deliver Value.

Inform ✍️

14k+ decision makers subscribe to my weekly Newsletter. Every Friday I make sense of the most important trends, strategies and insights from the Tech Economy. I break down high-impact subjects in long-form essays exclusively for Premium Members.
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Explain 🤔

Corporate leadership teams hire me to help them make sense of what's happening in the digital economy. From public speaking to strategic consulting, I deliver data-driven insights to help them stay one step ahead of their competition.
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Entertain 🎙

Big Tech Little Tech is a podcast I record with my good friend Shaun Weston. We talk tech and business and make sense of how it impacts us personally. Occasionally we host expert guests who help our audience better understand what is going on.
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Things People Say About Me.

"it's always such fun hanging out with you" - Daniel Schreiber, Founder and CEO, Lemonade.
"I love to read Rick's newsletter for great insights!" - Spiros Margaris, VC and No 1 social media influencer.
"Check out Wiser! There's great content there." - Ron Shevlin, Industry Analyst, Forbes writer.
"When I cleaned up my Inbox, I unsubscribed from everything except Rick's newsletter. I wouldn't miss my Friday updates for the world." - Charles Radclyffe, Founder EthicsGrade.
"Rick is a trusted partner and it’s always a pleasure to do business with him." - Andy Haywood, CIO, Yorkshire Water.
"He is a great coach and I have enjoyed working with him.." - Tahir Adam, Partner, Suez Capital.

Four Strategic Themes I Focus On.

The Latest Insights, Analysis and Opinion.

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