Technology, Trends and Tomorrow's Digital World: Strategic Content In Simple and Engaging Language...

I write, speak and consult on what's happening and what's coming next in the Tech Economy.
Technology, Trends and Tomorrow's Digital World: Strategic Content In Simple and Engaging Language...
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What I do

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I am the author of Wiser! - a weekly newsletter that makes sense of what's happening and what's next from the Tech and Business Economy. Every week I share my thoughts, opinions and insights on the top stories that impact out digital lives. From a standing start at the beginning of 2021, over 12,000 subscribers get Wiser! every week.
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Talk 🎙

It was my great fortune to reconnect with Shaun, an old friend, at the start of 2022. He's a podcast guru and a magician behind the microphone. Now, Shaun and I co-host a podcast called Big Tech Little Tech where we break down the top stories so that even my mum can understand.
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When I started Wiser!, I wanted my content to be available in all 3 formats - written, audio and visual. That meant embracing YouTube. I'm very comfortable speaking publicly having done it corporately for over 20 years, but recording video was a new experience for me. Let me know how you think I'm doing?
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About me

I am a writer, speaker and advisor. I have spent my entire career in Tech and Business. Nowadays I split my time between enjoying the lifestyle, climate and culture in Southern Spain and making sense of the tech economy.

I speak, consult and write about the latest technology trends, including Web3 and the crypto economy, the artificial worlds of AI, metaverse and automation, and BigTech and the impact of social media on commerce, society and culture. To get in touch, book a call or enquire about me speaking at your event, get in touch.

1. What Spiros Margaris has to say

"I love to read Rick's newsletter for its great insights" - Spiros Margaris, VC, Ranked No 1 Global Influencer"

2. What Daniel Schreiber has to say

"Thanks Rick, it's always great fun hanging out with you." - Daniel Schreiber, CEO and Founder, Lemonade

3. What Ron Shevlin has to say

"Check out Wiser! There's great content there!" - Ron Shevlin, Industry Analyst, Writer for Forbes

4. What Katie Lewis has to say

"provides very valuable insights," - Katie Lewis, COO, Aspire

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Budweiser Joins Zed Run In The Metaverse members
VR/AR and the Metaverse 7 min read

Budweiser Joins Zed Run In The Metaverse

Budweiser is building brand assets in the Metaverse & the Crypto Economy: launching an NFT collection, joining a DAO, partnering with Zed Run, a blockchain gaming platform on Ethereum. Will it be worthwhile? Only time will tell, meanwhile, they're learning a lot about tomorrow's digital world.…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
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