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Hi, I'm Rick Huckstep. I make sense of what's happening in that you don't have to.

Hi, I'm Rick Huckstep. I make sense of what's happening in that you don't have to.
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I've spent my whole career in tech. Now, I make sense of what's happening and what's coming next in the digital economy. With simple and engaging language, I inform, explain and entertain decision makers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to make better and more informed decisions.

My goal is simple: to make your next conversation a better one!

"it's always such fun hanging out with you" - Daniel Schreiber, Founder and CEO, Lemonade

About Me

What can I say? I'm just me. I love technology, business, strategy, facts, data and snippets of information.

I believe that to get on in your career and in life, you need to stay 1 step ahead of your competition and those around you. That doesn't mean being Einstein. Just 1% smarter than the next guy or gal. That's all.

"I love to read Rick's newsletter for great insights!" - Spiros Margaris, VC and No 1 social media influencer

Insight and Information Gives You Leverage!

That's why I started Wiser! Hence the name and the one-eyed pair of reading glasses. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.

You see, I spent 25 years in corporate sales that were totally dependent on building relationships. Those relationships were founded on 2 things;

  • the level of trust my clients had in me,
  • the value I brought to them.

The first was all about my behaviour and character. If I lied or misled, the relationship would be over. So I worked hard to not cross that line. That wasn't always easy when I had my boss telling me one thing and my clients another.

The second was based on knowledge and understanding. Could I get them the information and resources they needed to be successful in their career? If I did that, I would be of value to them. That is where I focused my efforts.

"Check out Wiser! There's great content there." - Ron Shevlin, Industry Analyst, Forbes writer

Hire Me

I no longer work for anyone. Just myself and Mrs H. I'm independent and free to chose the work I want to do. Which includes:

Public Speaking

I love speaking in public.

Whether that's live or on video, I talk about digital trends and what they mean for tomorrow's digital world. I make sense of today's tech economy and the strategies of Big Tech, startups and the emerging technologies that promise but have yet to deliver.

My style is engaging, humorous and simple. My goal is to make sense of it all so that my mum can understand. I can be technical, but that's not really my thing.

It's much more interesting to tell the stories that the audience will remember and repeat back in the office or down the pub with their mates.


I love writing.

I especially love telling the stories of startups, founders and Big Tech for how their strategies impact our daily digital lives. I've been doing it for almost a decade and written 100s of articles, blogs, and op-eds.

Much of my work has been paid to write on behalf of a corporate client. Combining my personal tone of voice and wide network of expert subject matter experts with their corporate and marketing narrative.

The work is always my work. But they get significant coverage as a result of my network of over 110,000 followers across multiple social media networks.


I love consulting.

Consultancies, tech firms and startups hire me to strategise on their future business direction.

Using my experience and understanding of what's happening in the tech economy, I advise the founders, CEOs and management teams of the tech firms of all sizes on what's coming next.

"When I cleaned up my Inbox, I unsubscribed from everything except Rick's newsletter. I wouldn't miss my Friday updates for the world." - Charles Radclyffe, AI and ESG Expert, Founder EthicsGrade

Work With Me

If you would like to hire me to work with you in any of these areas, email me at It's that easy!

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