Rick Huckstep

Rick Huckstep

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Lemonade: changing the way people think about insurance paid
AI 14 min read

Lemonade: changing the way people think about insurance

Newsletter #35 (Premium): Lemonade is the AI-powered, digital insurer with a social conscience. They redefined the insurance business model, achieved more in 4 years than most do in 40, & growing at pace. In this exclusive interview, Rick Huckstep talks with CEO, Daniel Schreiber.…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
Tesla's AI Day paid
Tesla 4 min read

Tesla's AI Day

Newsletter #30 (Premium): Every year Tesla has "a day". This year, it was AI Day, and it threw up a few surprises; Robots, AI supercomputers and the verticalisation of Tesla.…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
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