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May 9, 2022 7 min read

BigTech Face Huge Fines In New EU Crackdown On Illegal Content

BigTech Face Huge Fines In New EU Crackdown On Illegal Content
Photo by Adam Griffith / Unsplash

The EU's crackdown on BigTech takes another step forward with the Digital Services Act. This is all about content moderation with clear obligations, and penalties, on BigTech to protect users and keep their houses in order. Expect global ramifications!

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Digital Services Act can now fine platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter up to 6% of their global revenue

Back Story:  Under a new European Union regulatory system approved last week, large online platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter will have to do more to combat unlawful content or risk multi billion dollar fines.

The core aim of the Digital Services Act (DSA) is to make content moderation more accountable and transparent.

For breaking the restrictions, under the terms of the wide-ranging Digital Services Act (DSA), regulators will be able to fine tech companies up to 6% of their global revenues.

And that’s just the start, because recurrent violations can result in a tech firm being barred from doing business in the EU.

The key defining principle for the DSA is that whatever is illegal offline should also be illegal online. Its purpose and intentions are also crystal clear; stopping the spread of illegal content and ensuring the protection of users’ rights.

The broad terms of the new rules have now been agreed by the member states of the EU. The legal detail is to be finalised and agreed before the DSA comes into force. This is expected to be in 2024.

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