What Are Consumer Brands Doing In Web3, Blockchain and the Metaverse?
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Jan 1, 2021 3 min read

A to Z: Brand Strategies For The Metaverse

A to Z: Brand Strategies For The Metaverse

From Adidas to Zara, from Airlines to Zoos, consumer brands want to build loyalty amongst customers, and new ones all together! In search of nirvana, major brands are dipping their toes into the next generation of the internet - Web3, NFTs, blockchain, crypto and the Metaverse.

From Adidas to Zara: Brand Strategies For The Metaverse

In search of nirvana in the new digital economy, many major retail brands are dipping their toes into the next generation of the Internet, aka the world of Web3.

  • This includes NFTs, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and the virtual reality experiences of the Metaverse

Brands are building new revenue streams, enhancing customer experience, and improving operational efficiency. But,

Here's The Thing: Their biggest win out of all of this is that they are learning.

These brands are testing what works and what doesn't. They're seeing customer reaction up close and personal. Which is important, because some things have worked really well. And some haven't!

The Takeaway: They're getting Wiser! day by day whilst the laggards are losing ground.

"What's the solution, Rick," I hear you cry!

Check this out! I have built a unique collection of over 200 brands and their strategies in the Metaverse. I have scoured the Internet, social media, newsletters, blogs, press releases and compiled a massive database of collateral that lays out what these brands are doing in the new digital economy.

  • These brands are all experimenting with NFTs, blockchain, crypto and the Metaverse.
  • Their consumer projects span ticketing and loyalty to promotions, merchandise and product enhancements.

A lot of this is serious stuff too, it's not all giveaways and fluff marketing campaigns. There are genuine examples where the brand has enhanced their product to the advantage if the consumer.

This is a huge database that includes over 200 brands PLUS a futher 50 examples of celebrities and sports brands that are using these new technologies to enhance their brand experience.

Starting at "A", the list of brands include: Adidas, AIA Insurance, Alfa Romeo, Asics, Aston Martin, Atari, Audi, Bacardi, Bentley, Bose, Boss, Budweiser, Burberry, Cadbury, Campbell Soup, Carrefour, Champion, Chevrolet, Chipolte, Coca-Cola, DBS Bank, Decathlon, Dior, Disney, Dolce&Gabbana...(and goes all the way to "Z")

To access the collection of over 200 brands, get this...

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