China's BigTech Crackdown Part 2: redefining the relationship between BigTech, the people and the economy

China continues to move at pace. With little concern to investors taking a hit on the stock markets, the CCP plow on with its Big Tech crackdown that is fundamentally changing the dynamics for a 21st digital economy. Meanwhile, the West looks on...
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Robots perform a dance in Yantai, Shandong province. Nearly all of China's large-scale tech companies have set up Communist party committees inside their organisations. (Xinhua photo)

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This week, China introduced a wide-ranging privacy and consumer protection law. This law is similar in many ways to GDPR in the European Union, except that it will give Chinese citizens significant consumer protections.

These define a set of standards for the coexistence of business, the people and the economy. They define the dynamics in all socio-economic relationships enabled and centred around the Internet.

And in so doing, they move a step closer towards creating an "Internet" that is separated from the rest (hence the term splinternet).

In other words, China is redefining the standards for how Big Tech behaves, and what it can and can't do when it comes to using technology to serve/manipulate consumers.

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