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Dec 26, 2022 7 min read

What are Diesel up to with NFTs, Web3 & the Metaverse?

What are Diesel up to with NFTs, Web3 & the Metaverse?

Diesel is a global fashion brand that is part of OTB Group, who also own brands such as Maison Margiela, Marni, Jil Sander, Viktor & Rolf and Amiri. In November 2022, OTB created a metaverse focused business unit called BVX in order to focus on the development of products, projects and experiences meant for the virtual world.
“Technology is an important factor for the new generations in defining their personality and their way of interacting,” said Stefano Rosso, CEO BVX OTB group. “We want to make fashion more open and innovative.”


Diesel release NFT collaboration with HAPE

Diesel release NFT collaboration with HAPE

In December 2022, fashion brand Diesel announced a collaboration with NFT project to release a its latest NFT collection #DieselGenesisHAPE. Significantly, this initiative is led by BVX, the Web3 and Metaverse focused business unit of OTB Group.

Diesel's NFT collection will comprise digital collectibles that provide real and digital value to both fashion and Web3 lovers. It includes a limited edition of the iconic 1DR POD crossbody bag, as well as access to exclusive events and community benefits.

The release date of the Diesel NFTs is expected early 2023 and Digimental and Stefano Rosso will co-host a Twitter Spaces at 6 pm CET on January 25 to discuss the collection and other related topics.

This is part of Diesel's Web3 efforts to expand its presence in the digital space.

“Together we are building the future of fashion through shared creative vision, capabilities and community activation. Partnering with Diesel reflects our strategic focus on collaboration and the potential for Web2 and Web3 brands to join forces to innovate together, creating new experiences and opportunities for consumers and brands alike.” HAPE.

Why Diesel and Hape?

First, Diesel is one of the hottest brands in the market, according to Lyst. The Lyst Index is a quarterly ranking of fashion’s hottest brands and products. In the Q3 2022 ranking, Diesel are listed 8th.

Second, HAPE PRIME NFT is a new and much hyped addition to the (Bored) Ape multiverse, created by London-based digital artist Matt Sypien. HAPE launched in January 2022 with 8192 next-gen, ultra-stylish, unique, and 3D NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The developers believe that the HAPE NFTs will be the next-gen fashion leaders, setting high standards for NFTs.

The combination of Diesel's brand presence in the real world and HAPE in the virtual one makes sense as a means for Diesel to expand its brand reach and appeal to a new generation of consumers.

The D:VERSE translated the FW22 Collection for the Metaverse

On 12th March 2022, Diesel launched their Fall/Winter 2022 collection for the Metaverse. It included digital versions of a faux fur jacket, puffer jacket, sneaker, and accessories sold as NFTs on Rarible and a dedicated Diesel website.

  • Interestingly, the D:VERSE accepted both cryptocurrency and fiat for purchases of the NFTs.

After the sale, NFT owners were given real world benefits such as:

  • voting rights on a special-edition colorway for the brand's FW22 sneakers
  • access to a private Discord channel,
  • the D:VERSE-KEY, a token that opened up discounted NFT pre-sales, raffles, metaverse wearables, and free AirDrops.

OTB Group launch Brave Virtual Xperience business unit

In December 2021, the fashion collective OTB Group announced a new business unit called Brave Virtual Xperience, or BVX.

BVX will support all the brands owned by OTB Group, as well as developing its own customers and partnerships in the online gaming and Metaverse space.

The point is that OTB know that to connect with the next generation of consumers they need to to be actively participating in the digital worlds that these younger demographics live in.

The BVX business unit will be led by Stefano Rosso, son of Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, who plans on focusing on developing methods of interaction with customers, growing engagement and expanding its digital product offerings.

“BVX has the ambition to drive the digital transformation at OTB Group and its brands toward the future of our society, which will merge the life in the real and virtual world. Unlocking the potential of our brands in the gaming world and metaverse is definitely the most exciting experience to work on,” said Stefano Rosso.

Stefano Rosso is a speaker in this webinar on Fashion in Web3

Diesel's first NFT launch is a sneaker

Diesel's first venture into NFTs was in November 2021. In partnership with the luxury NFT marketplace, Diesel launched their Sprint/Summer 2022 Diesel 'Prototype' sneaker as a digital asset.

This was Diesel’s first foray into the virtual fashion space and it was revealed during the 2021 NFT.NYC conference.

The 'Prototype' NFT was limited to only 5,000 digital assets in addition to the physical version of the trainers sold via traditional Diesel stores and online.

Prospective buyers could use's augmented reality try-on experience, powered by WANNA, and to own online, authenticated on the blockchain forever.

Stefano Rosso co-founded music, faming and lifestyle pop-up D-Cave as a separate business to the OTB Group in 2020, which he now describes as a highly curated marketplace for all things Web3. D-Cave first opened on Broadway in March 2021, and offered gaming and music over three days. The two-floor pop-up hosted a marketplace and music on the first level and dedicate the second floor to gaming events such as a FIFA gaming tournament with the New York City Football Club and New York RedBull FIFA players, Fortnite with Nate Hill of FaZe Clan and DrLupo, and an appearance from competitive fighting game player Justin Wong.


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