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The secret to creating online content

As a content creator,  I'm a huge believer in the "macro-to-micro" strategy, aka M2M.

This is generating longer pieces of content, such as the content you can find under the categories of Newsletters, Insights or Essays, and then breaking them down into smaller parts, like Twitter Threads or social media posts for Linkedin, Reddit or Facebook. This entails taking the larger form of the written material and breaking it down into bite-sized portions.

This way you are saving yourself a ton of time by not creating new material but rather repurposing what you currently have.

To help me with my content creation schedule, I use a couple of AI writing tools. One of them is Quillbot and here's a brief explanation of how I use it.

Turning long-form content into Social Media posts

When you're a content creator, it's super important that you let the world know every time you've created some new content. Otherwise, it sits on your website as wasted energy. Remember, unless your content is evergreen, ie., it never ages, it's like fresh fruit at the grocery store. It has a short shelf life. Which means that you need to be promoting it.

The key to creating social media posts is to take your long-form content, identify multiple sub-parts, and then turn them into short yet punchy social media posts. This is the smart way to work for any content creator. It's the macro-to-micro approach to building your audience using social media, by repurposing the content you've created once and using it multiple times.

This is where Quillbot is a fantastic tool and one that I use regularly to help me save time and improve the efficiency of rewriting existing content.

With Quillbot, I have doubled the amount of output I create for the Wiser! Newsletter and social media.

So, what is Quillbot?

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing tool.  Launched in 2017, Quillbot allows content creators to take rewrite existing material using artificial intelligence.

Quillbot paraphrases any piece of information using cutting-edge AI. The tool's main purpose is to rewrite information by changing sentence structure and replacing words with synonyms while keeping the sense of the original content.

It was founded in 2017 by three computer science students, Rohit Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin. Since then, they've been constantly adding new features and improving the product's quality. It is used by over 10 million content creators around the world!

Quillbot's low-cost essay rewriter tool is made up of AI algorithms that analyse written content and rephrase it for you, replacing some phase of the content with its synonym. This keeps the meaning of the sentence the same.

I used Quillbot to write this article you're reading now!

I did it by taking articles and blogs about Quillbot and then rephrasing them with the Paraphrasing feature of the Quillbot AI writing toolkit. I used the blogs published by Quillbot and "re-wrote" parts of them using Quillbot. This gave me an authoritative base article to build from. With this base article, I then added my own personal input, experiences and style.

From my experience of using Quilbot, it produces a complete and dependable paraphrase (that is easy to tweak to add a personal touch to the narrative). Quillbot has been shown to be a highly effective tool for assisting people in achieving their writing and content creation goals. All you have to do is copy and paste your material into the online tool, press the "paraphrase now" button, and your results will appear in seconds.

This makes it a highly dependable, useful, and secure online tool.

Benefits of using Quillbot

The advantages of taking this approach to producing content with Quillbot are;

  • avoids direct plagiarism that comes from the cut and paste of online content that someone else has written,
  • benefits from the fact-checking that others have already completed to provide a reliable base for your article,
  • cuts the time to create content in half,
  • whilst still allowing you, as a content creator, the ability to produce good quality output in your own style.

As I said earlier, it was extremely easy and efficient to produce this article and a great demonstration of the power of Quillbot. I was able to paraphrase, summarise, and grammar check the article as I created it. This was all made possible because Quillbot's AI engine creates written material in the same style as writing as though it was written by a human, not a machine.

Quillbot's 7 different AI writing styles

Quills:  A key feature of the Premium Subscription (which costs $79.95 a year) is that you, the content creator, can choose from a range of writing modes to generate material with the right tone and style for your purposes.

Called Quills, there are 7 different writing styles on Quillbot:

  • Standard Quill - rewrites text in a standard way that retains meaning
  • Fluency Quill - for readable and error-free text
  • Creative Quill - expresses ideas in a completely new way that may change the meaning
  • Simple Quill - presents the text in a way people can understand
  • Formal Quill - text is re-written in a more sophisticated and professional way
  • Shorten Quill - strips away extra words to provide a clear message
  • Expand Quill - to add more detail and depth to increase sentence length

Note:  a premium subscription is needed to use all 7 styles of Quill. Only Standard and Fluency are available in the free version of Quillbot.

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5 things you can do with Quilllbot


The Co-Writer features include a Research tab. This allows you to search and find online material that is relevant to your article. Co-Writer analyses the related topics to identify relevant sources and references for your writing.

Citation Generator

Best practice for content creation is to cite the source of the material you used to create it. For that, it is helpful to use a  trustworthy citation generator. If you cite your sources as you research, even if you don’t end up using every single one, you’ll have a comprehensive list of sources at the end of your article. (Which is one less thing to worry about as your writing deadline approaches.)

Grammar Checker

Quillbot's AI-powered Grammar Checker is a free online tool. You can use the Grammar Checker without having to download anything, join up, or log onto the site, which is required by most other grammar checkers.

Like most other grammar checkers, you can evaluate each error separately. But where Quillbot's Grammer Checker differs is that it gives you the option of correcting all errors at once. When you don't want or need to analyse the whys and wherefores of each and every error, this saves time.


QuillBot's Summarizer can condense online articles, papers, or documents down to their key points instantly. The AI-writing tool uses natural language processing to locate critical information while maintaining the original context. The summaries are produced in a human-like writing style, which means that it requires little additional editing from you to make it understandable.


This is an invaluable tool when it comes to rewriting existing content. The AI-enabled paraphraser maintains the original meaning whilst rewriting the text into new sentences and paragraphs.

Quillbot has a FREE and PREMIUM plan

Membership:  Quillbot has a very simple membership model. There's a free version that offers limited functionality of the online tool. If you are an occasional creator, or don't mind the hassle of re-writing an article on small chunks of text (up to 125 words at a time), then the free plan is good enough for you.

However, if you're producing a lot of content, both long-form and short. And are active on social media to promote your content creation, the premium membership is best for you.

Not only can you handle significantly larger volumes of text re-writing in a single go, but you also benefit from the options of 7 different writing styles (quills). The Chrome extension also comes into its own when you want to rephrase content you are reading online.

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At time of writing (February 2022), the pricing for Quillbot is:

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Double your output production with Quillbot

Quillbot is a super tool that uses cutting edge tech to make you twice as productive at content creation and social media promotion.

Check it out NOW by clicking the button below. ☟

Promotion:  The referral links to Quillbot on this page are affiliate links. This means that Wiser! Newsletter will receive a referral commission from Quillbot if you sign up for a premium membership within 30 days of clicking any of the links on this page.

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