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Jan 20, 2022 6 min read

Google and Facebook Accused of Collusion & Price-Fixing in the Digital Ad Space they Dominate

Wiser! Essay: Unsealed documents in the anti-trust lawsuit against Google has revealed a 2018 agreement with Facebook to collude to fix prices and unfair advantage to Facebook.

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The CEOs of Google and Facebook allegedly oversaw an illegal ad auction deal to give Facebook an unfair advantage

BackStory:  Digital Advertising is a $350 billion global market. And it is dominated by two players: Alphabet/Google and MetaFacebook. Between them, they control over half the global spend on digital ads (Google 36% and MetaFB 27%). And it's growing. According to media buying firm GroupM, their domination will grow to three-quarters of the digital advertising spend by 2026.

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