Essays from the Tech Economy

Essays from the Tech Economy
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Worldcoins: Crypto by the people, for the people

WorldCoins; crypto by the people, for the people
Wiser! Essay: Sam Altman wants to reinvent money and create a cryptocurrency for the world’s poorest. But there’s a problem...

The Attention Economy: Live shopping on Pinterest TV

The Attention Economy: Live shopping on Pinterest TV
Wiser! Essay: Pinterest joins TikTok as the latest social media platform to move into live-shopping as the antidote to their addiction to the advertising business model.

What's going on at Substack?

What’s going on at Substack?
Substack was meant to be the antidote to the misinformation and fake news on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Instead, it has become a haven for anyone to say anything, however nuts it is, without any checks or balances.

Surveillance and data privacy in the US

Surveillance and lack of data privacy in the US under scrutiny
Is data privacy a false notion? Two investigations by US agencies look at the extent to which BigTech and data carriers exploit what they know about you. Even if they shouldn’t.

Facebook starts Novi trials amidst rumours it is about to rename itself

As Facebook trials Novi, rumours abound they to rename to the Metaverse
Facebook start trials of digital wallet Novi using the crypto stablecoin Pax Dollar. Meanwhile, rumours abound that Facebook is to rename to reflect its strategy for the Metaverse.

El Salvador's Bitcoin Day

El Salvador’s #BitcoinDay
Wiser Essay #12: El Salvador is the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. It’s the largest public experiment in crypto adoption and the world looks on, although not everyone wants them to succeed.

Linkedin shuts down in China

Linkedin shuts down in China
Microsoft to shutdown Linkedin in China, the last of the Western social media platforms running in China

Facebooks' tobacco moment

Facebook’s tobacco moment in the toughest of all weeks for Mark Zuckerberg
It’s hard to imagine a tougher week for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. The whistleblower talked to Congress, painting a damning picture, putting profits before safety. To top it off, Facebook scored an own goal, taking the entire network offline for over 5 hours!

When Governments shutdown the Internet

When Governments shut down the Internet
Government imposed shut downs of the internet are moe wide spread than you image. And they are on the rise, stifling dissent and inflicting economic and social harm to populations. Read more here...

TikTok's strategic push into e-commerce

TikTok’s strategic push into e-commerce
TikTok collects more “signals” about you than any other social media app. Now it is moving into online shopping.

President Biden calls on BigTech to fight cybercrime

President Biden calls BigTech together to fight cybercrime
Cybersecurity is a growing problem, one that could cost the global economy over $10trillion a year by 2025. President Biden called BigTech together to take action.

Tesla's AI Day and 'the Bot'

Tesla’s semi-sentient robots on wheels
Wiser! Essays: Elon Musk unveils the Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot that stole the headlines as Tesla announce their tech roadmap.

Do you know what a 'dark kitchen' is?

Do you know what a ‘Dark Kitchen’ is?
Dark Kitchens are the off-site locations for preparing home delivery meals. And it’s big business...that’s also being kept every secretive. Why?

Apple's child protection measures spark a privacy debate

Apple’s child protection measures spark a privacy debate
Apple’s child protection measures spark a privacy debate. Meanwhile Apple move quick to allay concerns of privacy groups and the WhatsApp CEO!

Crypto hacking is hard to get away with

Crypto hacking is hard to get away with!
The Poly Network hack shows that crypto hacking is very hard to get away with

Search: Google versus the Rest

Google versus The Rest
Google dominates the Search engine market. But how do the results you get on Google differ from the Rest. After analysing 6.5 million search results, the evidence shows not all Search results are the same!

Beginner's guide to Mining Cryptocurrency

Beginner’s guide to Mining Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency mining explained. What is the difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake and why is it important?

AI-enabled transformation of Insurance

AI enabled transformation of insurance - The Digital Insurer
For this month’s InsurTech Insights, Rick Huckstep looks at the impact of AI on the digital transformation of the insurance industry.

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