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Oct 18, 2022 4 min read

🎙 Podcast #11: Online shopping, ecommerce giants, Siri, and subtitles

Big Tech Little Tech #11 - Rick and Shaun discuss ecommerce, the rise of Shein, Gen Z's impact on retail, online shopping fraud, Siri's birthday, and who uses subtitles the most!

🎙 Podcast #11: Online shopping, ecommerce giants, Siri, and subtitles

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Episode #11 Timeline

00:00 What tech caught our eye recently:

  • Do you turn on subtitles when you're watching Netflix? A new survey says we're turning them on to watch and read!
  • Shaun celebrates Siri's 11th birthday (on this 11th episode), and looks back on what people were distracted by when Siri first launched.
  • Rick ends the segment by reminding us that Elon Musk and Twitter are still demanding headlines 🐦

08:08 Tech News

9.40 Should TV companies ask for so much personal data?

12.46 Ecommerce and online shopping (part one)

  • Who are the big hitters in ecommerce?
  • The likes of Craigslist are not in the same league as Amazon, Shein or Alibaba.
  • China’s dominance and the concept of the super app.
  • So, who is Shein, and how might it compare against familiar fashion brands like Zara?
  • Community shopping and the role of AI.
  • Is tailoring the future of online shopping?

29.24 Statistics corner

  • Ecommerce fraud is a significant global problem. Here are a few statistics to wrap your head around as we approach a busy shopping season.

30.18 Ecommerce and online shopping (part two)

  • The combination of hardware and software to help grocery deliveries.
  • A possible future vision of shopping.
  • How Gen Z behaviour will affect retail habits.
  • Where will Rick and Shaun shop online this festive season?

39.14 Can Rick name the renamed?

  • Can Rick successfully tackle Shaun’s latest quiz?


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