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Dec 22, 2022 4 min read

🎙️Big Tech Little Tech #15: Gadget gifts, ChatGPT, Apple Music Sing, and flying cars

Rick and Shaun bring 2022 to a close with a selection of fun tech gadgets you may find under your Xmas tree (even though one of them costs £250k). Also in the show, ChatGPT, Apple Sing and Goldfinger.

🎙️Big Tech Little Tech #15: Gadget gifts, ChatGPT, Apple Music Sing, and flying cars

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00:00 Preamble

Episode 15 starts with, as usual, a chat about the weather. From the frosty extremes of England to balmy Spain, though Rick isn't feeling so Christmassy just yet.

What tech caught our eye recently: Rick discusses ChatGPT and our apparent belief that artificial intelligence knows everything. It doesn’t.

On Shaun's radar is the slew of new things dropped by Apple with its iOS and Mac updates. One of these is Apple Music Sing, which could replace cheap home karaoke systems. You can play a song, follow along with the lyrics, and turn the main vocals down so you can sing over the original track.

Further reading

07.35 Tech news

09.27 Let's talk Christmas gadgets!

Our festive podcast hosts walk through a handful each of the top tech they think might end up beneath people’s Christmas trees next week. (It’s an arbitrary list that more accurately reflects what they want to see beneath their trees come Christmas morning.)

  • Lovot – the robot who Ioves to be loved.
  • Why spend money on humanoid robots?
  • Oppo Qric – a cyber dog companion.
  • Oura Ring – track your health in style.
  • Biometric markers and monitoring your health.
  • Which nation has the best sleep record, and which has the worst?
  • Brekr electric bikes: Models F and B.
  • Rick’s investment in FreeFlow Technologies and the benefits of electric bicycles.
  • Flying cars and an age-old prediction from a famous entrepreneur.
  • The Xpeng X2 and the Terrafugia TF-X.
  • When we have flying cars, what might the Highway Code look like?
  • The Insta360 X3 action camera.
  • Rick’s journey to the Swiss Alps to recreate the famous Sean Connery photo.

Christmas gift bonus! Rick gets a gift for Shaun, and vice versa:

36.43 Christmas thanks and big love

Should we have a forecast show to kick off the new year? Good idea! What’s that sound on the roof? 🎅🏻


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