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Jan 10, 2023 6 min read

🎙️ Big Tech Little Tech #16: Technology in 2023, Twitter rehab, Mui Board, and restaurant robots

🎙️ Big Tech Little Tech #16: Technology in 2023, Twitter rehab, Mui Board, and restaurant robots

Rick Huckstep and Shaun Weston rummage through a few of the pundits' top technology forecasts for 2023.

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00:00 Preamble

Are you a recovering Twitter user? Have you found a new way to discover news and other people’s views – perhaps on Mastodon – or are you starting the new year with a clean slate? Rick and Shaun have found Mastodon difficult to embrace, and Rick still holds a candle to Twitter.

“I’ve changed my view on this whole idea of decentralised social media, because the thing with Twitter is that it's one giant chat room, everybody's there,” says Rick. “And you've gone to this massive party and everyone that you're ever likely to want to see, dance with, chat with, find out from, overhear and listen to – you know, hear the gossip from – they're all in one place. With Mastodon, it's like lots of little rooms and you've got to decide which one you want to be in, and you don't know what's going on in the other room.”

3:23 Tempting Tech

  • January means CES – the annual Consumer Electronics Show – which takes place in Las Vegas in the US. Our hosts will talk more about the show in episode 17, but Rick wanted to drop some interesting Samsung technology into this show. The company revealed the Bespoke AI Oven and Bespoke 4 Door Flex refrigerator. The oven can optimise settings based on what's cooking, and you can monitor cooking on your phone. letting you know when dinner’s ready. The fridge has a 32in display!
  • Exciting Shaun is the news that Mui Board by Mui Lab (previewed in 2017) may hit the market this year. Since Matter was launched as a smart home standard, Mui Board has come to life. The reason for this is that the company no longer has to spend time and money trying to integrate with multiple platforms. Simply put, Matter enables smart devices from different companies to communicate with each other.

7:32 Tech News

08:24 Tech 2023 Predictions

What are the most popular technology forecasts for 2023?

It seems that everyone has been busy over the holidays making forecasts for 2023. The technology pundits have thrown their hats into the ring to predict what will take centre stage this year, and many pundits are lazily copying other pundits. We're not going to do that on this show.

  • All things metaverse (again) Charles Radclyffe joined us to talk about metaverses in Episode 4. He described use cases in health and safety training that made a lot of sense.
  • Cybersecurity: Gartner says that 65% of the world’s population will have personal data covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% in 2020.
  • Robots, robotics, automation and AI.
  • What about health tech in 2023? ChatGPT in healthcare. Jennifer Marichak wrote a piece on LinkedIn about how ChatGPT could improve patient communication, as well as language translation.
Top 10 Predictions for the Tech Economy in 2023
Looking at the clues of what’s happening today, I take a stab at second guessing what’s going to happen tomorrow. Here are my top 10…

36:54 Outro

  • MacBooks vs iMacs? Will Rick switch to using a desktop computer instead of his disappointing M1 MacBook?
  • A word or two about our new look for 2023 Shaun was busy over the festive period working on the a rebrand for Big Tech Little Tech. Rick shares some kind words.


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