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Jan 24, 2023 6 min read

🎙️Big Tech Little Tech #17: AI lawyers, Holoride, John Deere seed tech, and face ID for rats

Rick and Shaun talk about what’s happening in US courtrooms around the use of AI, specifically ChatGPT. Does China use AI to help enforce the law, and will Americans end up paying fewer speeding tickets?

🎙️Big Tech Little Tech #17: AI lawyers, Holoride, John Deere seed tech, and face ID for rats

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00:00 Preamble

Broadband coverage in Spain is perhaps better than the UK. Nokia and Telefónica have successfully tested 25G fibre broadband in Spain. How much does Rick pay to be connected to the www, and how does it compare with Shaun’s UK service?

“One of the big things you notice is different here is that we don’t have the roads dug up with huge, horrible tarmac trails through the middle of the road,” says Rick. “Basically, there’s these tunnels under the path. When you see people cabling up, or doing any kind of roadworks, we very rarely have the road dug up.”

03:58 Tempting Tech

10:19 Tech News

News extra … Twitter pulling the plug on third-party apps such as Twitterrific. That wasn't nice, was it? Are there other cases of big tech pulling plugs with no warning? Let us know.

13:10 Artificial intelligence in the courtroom – a law unto itself?

This week, CNET author David Lumb wrote an article with the sub line of: “People have a hard time getting help from lawyers. Advocates say AI could change that.”

In this episode, Rick and Shaun run through some questions about the so-called AI lawyer (or solicitor). Will advances in AI technology eventually lead to genuine legal representation by a machine, and will it be accepted as a viable alternative to costly human representation?

  • Who is DoNotPay?
  • Is technology usually allowed in US courtrooms?
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Bias and misinformation.
  • It's a PR stunt
  • China already uses AI in courtrooms
  • Artists in court over generative AI class action lawsuit

28:16 Outro

The year of AI or simply the year of the rabbit?

  • Rick was born in the year of the tiger, Shaun in the year of the dog. This is science-breaking stuff, ladies and gentlemen. You didn’t know you needed to know this stuff, but who knew?

Multi-choice CES technology quiz

  • Shaun challenges Rick to pick the least likely tech innovation from a handful of suspects. Will he get the right one? And which innovation has the worst brand name? You choose!

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