About Rick

About Rick

Expertise. Experience. Insight.

Rick Huckstep’s 40+ years of business experience includes;

  • advisor, mentor, and angel investor to technology startups;
  • the Chairman of the media and consulting business The Digital Insurer;
  • a recognised social media influencer, commentator, and blogger with a social media following of over 110k;
  • a keynote speaker on all things technology, digital, strategy and the future,
  • a career in technology sales and leadership as both an international sales leader as well as an accomplished front line sales professional.

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InsurTech: a leading voice in digital insurance

Since early 2015, I have written about the digitisation of the insurance industry. At the time the talk in financial services was about Fintech, but this was almost entirely banking focussed. Nobody was looking at the opportunity to apply new tech-enabled business models to change and improve the way that insurance was delivered.  Or so everyone thought. Because when I started looking, I found plenty of examples of insurance innovation amongst technology startups. The hashtag 'InsurTech' entered the vernacular in mid-2016 as the interest had grown to dominate the insurance industry agenda

And for the rest of the decade, I interviewed, coached and invested in 100's of InsurTech startups. I also wrote over 100 articles that covered all lines of business and the entire value chain of an insurance organisation. Here is a selection of some of those articles, many of them still relevant today.

Lemonade are Live. Insurance will never be the same again! - The Digital Insurer
Rick Huckstep comments on the launch of New York Peer-to-Peer Insurer, Lemonade and it’s impact on the future of insurance and InsurTech.
Mobility is changing the way we get from A to B - The Digital Insurer
For this month’s InsurTech Insights, Rick Huckstep takes a look at mobility and the shift from ownership to sharing and how we get from A to B...
Is “AI enabled Insurance” the answer for customer engagement and convenience? - The Digital Insurer
Rick Huckstep looks at the impact of Artificial Intelligence to customer engagement in insurance
Redefining Insurance for the Gig Economy - The Digital Insurer
For this month’s InsurTech Insights, Rick Huckstep looks at the InsurTech approach for the gig economy, and the rise of the ride-sharing platforms
Blockchain Innovation in the Insurance Industry - The Digital Insurer
For this month’s InsurTech Insights, Rick Huckstep looks at blockchain in insurance and talks with the RiskBlock Alliance
Four Ways Autonomous Vehicles will Change Auto Insurance - The Digital Insurer
Rick Huckstep talks with insurance industry expert David Williams from AXA UK about autonomous vehicles and the four ways that it could change the auto insurance industry forever
Is blockchain ready to replace the quill pen in the reinsurance markets? - The Digital Insurer
Rick Huckstep looks at the impact of blockchain technology in the wholesale and reinsurance markets

To read all of my articles for The Digital Insurer, go here.

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