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Jul 9, 2021 10 min read

Is Robinhood a Good Samaritan or an Evil Menace?

Is Robinhood a Good Samaritan or an Evil Menace?
Photo by Andrew Neel / Unsplash

Wiser! #22 (Premium): Strategic insight into Robinhood, the day trading app. Are they the good samaritan, or an evil menace? Find out here.

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Robinhood: a disruptive and controversial trading app

Robinhood is the 4th most downloaded financial services app of 2020.

It was launched in 2013 when founders Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev saw an opportunity to disrupt the investment broker market....which they did!

Today, Robinhood has more that 18 million customers who are predominantly young men, with average to poor credit ratings and who have never invested in the markets before.

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