Dec 16, 2021 5 min read

Roblox: defining 3D gaming in the Metaverse

Roblox: defining 3D gaming in the Metaverse

Wiser! Essay: Roblox are defining the creator class for the Metaverse Economy. Kids as young as 9 are building and trading in virtual games as the virtual and physical worlds collapse into a single user experience.

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What do you know about Roblox?

Back Story:  Roblox is the platform for Lego-like user-generated games. In the creator economy for the Metaverse, it's the kids who are creating. And they're doing it on Roblox.

If you're unfamiliar with Roblox, they are huge in the kids gaming world. The name Roblox is a play on Robots and Blocks, because of its "building blocks" architecture. Roblox has over 47 million daily active users, with the highest number of users that have been active on Roblox at the same time recorded at 5.7 million.

Over 8 million small and big-time game developers are using Roblox as a means of promoting new games. Due to this, Roblox has been home to over 40 million different games, at least since 2008. Roblox developers have amassed combined earnings of $328 million.

The platform has been played and downloaded in over 180 countries. A third of the daily active users are in North America followed closely by Europe. In the last quarter of 2020, Roblox registered over 9.73 billion hours of playtime on the platform, making it one of the most engaged platforms in the world.

The most significant of these impressive stats is the average age of its user base:

Over half of Roblox users are 13 years and younger.

This young (and growing) user base has developed a new "creator class" for the Metaverse economy. This new generation of school age, digital creators are creating interactive 3D content in Roblox. They're also creating game content on Fortnite, digital artwork as NFTs on multiple platforms such as OpenSea, and in decentralized worlds in the virtual utopias that are Decentraland or Sandbox.

Talking point:  The point here is that we are seeing the origins of a new economy: the Metaverse Economy. Analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence estimate the Metaverse economy could be worth $800 billion within the next 2-3 years.

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