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Social Media Linked to Teenage Anxiety members
Facebook / Meta 6 min read

Social Media Linked to Teenage Anxiety

Wiser! Essay: A UK study of 84,000 teenagers has identified a link between heavy social media usage and teenage anxiety. They also found it affects girls between ages 11 and 13. Whereas for boys, the sensitive period is 14 and 15.…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
Ukraine's Tech Economy War members
Artificial Intelligence 8 min read

Ukraine's Tech Economy War

Wiser! Essay: The Ukraine Gov has turned to facial recognition software to identify Russian soldiers killed in action. Meanwhile, TikTok has emerged as the platform for people's journalism. And crypto has come of age when traditional fiat systems are out of action.…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
Is Replika the AI cure for Loneliness? public
Essays 6 min read

Is Replika the AI cure for Loneliness?

Wiser! Essay: Half of Americans experience loneliness, which increases mortality rates by a quarter. It's a problem. So, is the likes of Replika and their AI chatbots the solution to loneliness? And what happens if they start to go wrong?…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
The Top 10 NFT Sales of 2021 public
Essays 10 min read

The Top 10 NFT Sales of 2021

Wiser! Essay: In January 2021, hardly anyone could spell N-F-T. By December, NFT was Word of the Year and the market was worth $40 billion. If you're asking yourself what that was all on!…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
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