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Building a Newsletter requires so much more than just content creation. Choosing the right tech, tools and platforms will save you time, make you more productive and ensure you create a beautiful product.
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Creator Economy
My Tech Stack of Gadgets and Gizmos public
Creator Economy 7 min read

My Tech Stack of Gadgets and Gizmos

Wiser! TechStack: When you're a creator, time is precious and you don't want to waste any of it faffing around with sub standard tools and technology. Investing in the right equipment is the best investment you can make as a creator. Here's a breakdown on some of the things that I use.…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
6 Lessons My Readers Taught Me public
Creator Economy 6 min read

6 Lessons My Readers Taught Me

March 2022 is a key month in the evolution of Wiser! Just over a year old and with around 100 articles and newsletters published, it was time to take stock and ask you, the reader what you thought about Wiser!…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
Here's Why You Should Start Your Newsletter on Ghost public
Creator Economy 5 min read

Here's Why You Should Start Your Newsletter on Ghost

TechStack: Choosing the right tech platform when you are getting started with your newsletter is a daunting experience. There are so many options to chose from. When you ask an expert, the answer is usually, "it depends". Not much help! In this article I'll give you my 2-penneth of experience.…
Rick Huckstep
Rick Huckstep
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