Tesla's semi-sentient robots on wheels

Source: Analytics India

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Love him or not, but the real-world Tony Stark, aka Elon Musk, has a way of getting the world to pay attention, even if he does say things that are often quite bonkers.

Our cars are "semi-sentient robots on wheels".

The latest event was Tesla's AI Day.  It was a 3-hour demonstration of the Tesla roadmap in which Musk and Team Tesla explained how they were going to make Tesla "much more than just an electric car company".

A key theme was talent and there's no doubt that Musk used this as a recruiting event for the best and the very brightest AI talent (which I can attest to because they just hired Alberto Chierici, a friend of mine and a super-smart fellow who is about to release a book any day now on AI. I've seen it and it's a must-read.)

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