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May 11, 2023 9 min read

The utility of Virtual Reality and the metaverse: don’t write it off just yet!

🔐 Premium: Many are writing off the metaverse as an over-hyped & short-lived technology. But I say, hold your horses. When you look for the clues, there are many real-life use cases to show there's life and utility in the technology. In this week's Premium article, I make the bull case for VR

The utility of Virtual Reality and the metaverse: don’t write it off just yet!

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One of the defining characteristics of the metaverse is its technical complexity, with elements such as blockchain, crypto, NFTs, interoperability, and community creator economy as components. However, to avoid the need to understand this tech jargon, I prefer to think of the metaverse simply as a 3D version of the internet. This in itself, makes the technology a little more accessible and understandable.

However, the question is: is the metaverse all hype? And have we seen the back of it?

Well, I’d say, hold your horse, Tonto, don’t be so quick to write this space off just yet. There are many use cases and real-life examples where a 3D, immersive experience is delivering value and benefits that can not be achieved using conventional technologies or approaches.

In this week’s Premium article for Wiser! readers, I take a look into the utility of virtual reality.

Real-life use cases of virtual reality and the metaverse

Despite the amount of research, data and forecasts available, some companies still believe there is no ROI in the metaverse and that this vision of immersive experiences is still many years away. However, there are plenty of others who believe that there’s something worth pursuing. Here are 9 examples:

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