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Aug 26, 2022 6 min read

Technology Is Neutral: Why The Tornado Cash Ban Is Wrong

Technology Is Neutral: Why The Tornado Cash Ban Is Wrong

πŸ”’ Tornado Cash is automated computer software designed to anonymise the sender and receiver of a financial transaction. The perfect tool for laundering money. But was it written for this purpose?

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The Debate Over Tornado Cash Sanctions Continue...

It's Just Code: Remember last week I wrote about Tornado Case, the computer code that anonymises financial transaction in the crypto space?

  • IMHO, the US Treasury sanctioning computer code is a wrong move. Now it seems that a US lawmaker takes the same POV as me!

US Congressman Tom Emmer has written in a letter to Janet Yellan, the US Treasury Secretary, saying β€œthe growing adoption of decentralised technology will raise new challenges” for regulators.

I rarely find a reason to side with a Republican politician, but on this occasion, I have.

Here is Congressman Emmer's letter to US Secretary Yellen. I've marked a few relevant passages.

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