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Oct 12, 2022 8 min read

How To Grow Your Twitter Audience With Typefully

Typefully - write better tweets
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Typefully is used by 35,000+ creators to grow their audience on Twitter. Simply, it's the best tweet creation and Twitter management tool on the market. Here's why...

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Why You Should Use Typefully?

Typefully is a tweet-creation tool that is designed exclusively with one goal in mind - to grow your Twitter account.

The tool comes packed with features that will;

  • help users write better tweets,
  • convert pre-written content into tweet threads,
  • schedule tweets based on your profile's most engaging timeslots,
  • automatically retweet engaging and promotional tweets,
  • add a pre-formatted Call To Action (CTA) at the end of a thread,
  • integrate with Zapier to drive one-code automations with 1,000's of other apps,
  • enable collaboration through share draft tweets amongst your team,
  • personalise your tweets with brand customisations,
  • create a unique home page to showcase your tweets and twitter profile.

Typefully has been created by the writing team at MailBrew, which means that it is written by writers, for writers!

I've been using the fully paid service ($96/year) and it has made my life so much easier. Compared to many of the social media management tools out there, Typefully is clutter free and 100% focused on the tweeting job at hand.

It's designed to make your life easier and more productive!

With over 35,000 creators using Typefully, it must be doing something right!

Write Better Tweets

The first thing that strikes you with Typefully is that it makes writing tweets super easy.

The auto-thread feature detects when you have written, or pasted, more than 280 characters and gives you the option to create a thread. From there, Typefully magically turns your text into a Twitter thread.

Or, if you prefer to do it manually, that's just as easy to do. By adding some empty lines, Typefully knows you want to create a new  tweet in the thread.

Writing Prompts


If you're stuck for inspiration on what to write next, click the Writing Prompts button.

Typefully have partnered with Mattia Righetti to create a library of high-quality prompts, each coming with example tweets to take inspiration from. This is a large selection of templates and prompts to help you create your next tweet AND write consistently.

Bring Life To Your Tweets

The Typefully editor comes with a GIPHY integration that enables you to search for and embed a GIF without having to leave the app.

Typefully also allows users to add a colour frame to images and add your "brand" and personal style to your tweet media.

At time of writing, this was a beta feature.

Schedule Tweets To Maximise Engagement

Typefully's scheduling tool, called "Queue", comes with a powerful set of features.

  • There is no limit to the number of tweets you can schedule into the future when you are on the paid plan. (For a comparison of the Free v Paid plan, see the table at the end of this post.)
  • Typefully makes light work of the retweeting and promoting your tweets. The "auto-retweet" features lets you schedule when and for how long your tweet will be retweeted. From 12 hours after the first tweet, to weeks later, tweets can be set up to reappear in your feed without any further action.
  • There's also an "auto-plug" feature that is triggered by the number of shares or likes the tweet gets.
  • The "unroll" feature adds an unroll link to the end of your thread and posts the first tweet onto your Typefully profile page (more on that in a minute).

Finding The Best Time To Tweet

Typefully's analytics tool, under the "Grow" label in the app, gives a comprehensive analysis of  your Twitter performance.

When it comes to scheduling your Tweets, knowing the times of the day that your audience are engaging with you the most is critical. Typefully shows you a visual timeline that pinpoints your best times of the day.

Typefully lets you chose these times when you're scheduling your latest tweet to make sure that you get maximum exposure and engagement.

Other data points in the analytics profile include follower numbers, impressions, conversion rates, engagement rates, number of retweets (useful in identifying tweet content that resonates with your followers), and profile clicks.

The analytics can be viewed in short timelines (the last 7 or 14 days) or longer (3 months or more) to help you measure your Twitter performance against your goals and KPIs.

Personal Landing Page

Typefully comes with your very own personal profile page. If you don't have a website or landing page, this will do it for you.

Typefully call it your "Profile Page".

It's fully integrated into the Typefully app and you can pin your best tweets to the customisable profile page, where you can add links to other sites and services where you have a presence.

If you're used to using a link-management service like beacons.ai or bitly.com, you should consider switching to the Typefully profile as your personal landing page.

Collaborative Team Working

One of Typefully's newest features is team sharing and real-time collaborative editing.

With this feature, writers can share draft tweets with team mates, invite comments and collaboration, and work together to create even better tweets.


This requires members to be on a Team Plan.

At time of writing, this was $39/month with yearly billing, or $49/month with monthly billing.

There is an facility on the Free plan to let anyone with a Typefully account comment on your drafts, should you wish to open yourself up the mercy of the crowd!

Automation with Zapier

Typefully automation with Zapier

The no-code automation platform, Zapier lets you connect Typefully with thousands of different apps to enable countless new workflows.

For example, you can use the new integration to:

  • Post a message to Slack anytime you publish a new tweet or thread,
  • Create new drafts in Typefully from Google Docs,
  • Add scheduled drafts to your calendar,
  • Get an email every time a draft has been published.
  • and many more things...

Check out many more examples of automations in the official Typefully page on Zapier.

How Does Typefully Work?

Typefully uses the Minimal Twitter browser extension that was designed to remove distractions and clutter from Twitter.

Minimal Twitter is a browser extension developed by Thomas Wang that runs on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Typefully's Pricing Plans

Typefully's Pricing Plan (Oct 2022)

As you can see from this image, I'm on the single account Starter plan. It has all the features of the Creator plan except that I'm limited to only one Twitter account.

Which is great, because that's all I need! And at a great value price, especially when you compare it with the one-size fits all social media scheduling tools that are not designed exclusively for Twitter.

If this massive list of features and the value for money subscription pricing has whet your appetitive, go over to Typefully and check it out using this button...

DISCLAIMER: The links on this page are known as affiliate links. What is this means is that Typefully can see you have come from this page if you use the button above. Should you go ahead and buy one of their subscriptions, at zero cost to you, they will pay me a commission. But only if you used the link in this button. It will cost you the same price whether to use the links on this page or chose to go to Typefully direct.

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