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When Facebook announced Libra, now called Diem, back in 2018, the vision was simple. To create a Facebook monetary system where the 2.7 billion registered users could trade, share, spend and send money WITHIN a Facebook ecosystem.

The next step in this strategy has just been unveiled. It's called Novi and its Facebook's digital wallet.

BigTech has been checking online images for signs of child abuse for several years. But when Apple announced its new measure, known as CSAM, it created a storm of controversary. The reason is simple. Apple will soon check for these images on your phone WITHOUT you having sent or posted them online. But all is not as it seems. Find out more in this video issue of Wiser!

China's BigTech Crackdown

Bejing has looked at BigTech in the West and said "this ain't happening here!". In order to protect the interests of the people over capital, Bejing has taken drastic steps to curb the excessive power, control and influence of BigTech.

"They're killing people": Was Biden right about Facebook?

Was President Biden right to lay the blame on Facebook for the high levels of anti-vax misinformation? For the Wiser! Newsletter, Rick Huckstep goes looking for the data points.

Google gets fined, again!

Google fined (again), Ethereum's going green, China dominates 5G, crypto money-laundering crackdown and pizza-making robots.

Exclusive interview with Christer Holloman

Christer is the startup founder of Buy Now Pay Later platform Divido. On his journey to launching this successful Fintech, Christer had first hand exerperience of Banks and how they approach and handle innovation. To coincide with the launch of his new book, I spoke to Christer aboutwhat he has learnt working with big banks.

Robinhood: good samaritan or evil menace?

Strategic insight into Robinhood, the day trading app. Are they the good samaritan, or an evil menace? Find out here.

$2 trillion Microsoft opens a new Window for creators

As Microsoft enter the $2 trillion club, the new Windows 11 is aimed at the Creator Economy. Plus Binance, Neeva, McAfee and Starlink, all for good measure!

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Robots and the Rise of the Machines

Strategic Insight on the global robotics market that is growing at 20% CAGR. With China leading the way and Robots deployed in many industries. Plus Nike case study

Firms that put Bitcoin on the balance sheet

Microstrategy and Tesla are just two of the large corporates to buy Bitcoin big style. What does it mean and why are they doing it?

Amazon's Employee Nightmare

Amazon's employee nightmare whilst 1% tax paying CEO Jeff Bezos prepares for suborbital flight.

BigTech's pursuit of the Healthcare dollar

BigTech has eyes on the US Healthcare market. It's expensive, inefficient and broken.

How Apple built a 10-year lead in wearables technology

Apple has built a formidable lead in plain sight! Plus CBDCs, Musk in trouble again and TikTok goes into Radio.

SPACE: The final frontier?

It used to be between the 2 largest superpowers now it's between the 2 richest men (and Richard Branson). What does the future hold for space tourism, exploration and the future of mankind!

China: the journey to a cashless society

Central Bank Digital Currencies are coming. It's not a question of whether, but when. China has stolen the march and is years ahead of the rest of the world. Watch my exclusive interview with China expert Richard Turrin.

Battle Stations! Apple takes on Epic Games and the EU

Epic Games are suing Apple for monopolistic behaviour in the AppStore. Ethereum hits an all-time high. CBDCs are coming. And Lemonade, the true disruptors in Insurance?

Apple; most valuable company in the world!

If Apple was a country, it would be the 8th largest in the world. How do they do it? Strategic Insights from Wiser! Newsletter

The cashless, digitisation of society

The EU proposals for regulating AI are wide-reaching. Plus strategic insights on crypto, Bitcoin, cashless society and CBDCs.

Virtual Humans; the Quest for Realism, Experience & Influence

Virtual Humans. Mark Zuckerberg says that Mixed Reality is the next big thing.

Call of Duty gets real!

Wiser Newsletter: Microsoft score $20bn AR deal wit US Army, TikTok signal liquidity, Coinbase goes public and more strategic insights from the Tech Economy

The Wiser! Newsletter relies on donations and subscriptions from readers just like you.

People who want to save time, stay up to date, and cut through the fluff to get to the important stuff.

Will you support us? (the price of a cup of coffee is all it takes!)

We like pizza and cookies!

Google announces the end of cookies, subscription search from Neeva, Crypto and Bitcoin, and Apple and Facebook in a battle for Mixed Reality

The deepfake augmented issue of reality

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