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Conversations with Founders, CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Learning from the Wisdom! of others: My conversations with tech founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs.
Conversations with Founders, CEOs and Entrepreneurs
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Learning from the Wisdom! of others: My conversations with tech founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs.

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Daniel Schreiber - CEO and Co-founder, Lemonade

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Lemonade is a technology company that provides insurance. It is unlike any other insurance company.

Lemonade: changing the way people think about insurance
Newsletter #35 (Premium): Lemonade is the AI-powered, digital insurer with a social conscience. They redefined the insurance business model, achieved more in 4 years than most do in 40, & growing at pace. In this exclusive interview, Rick Huckstep talks with CEO, Daniel Schreiber.

Vivek Raghunathan - Co-founder, Neeva

Neeva is a first of its kind, subscription-based search engine that went live in 2021.

NEEVA - flipping the search engine business model on its head
Neeva is a subscription search engine that does not rely on ads. Unlike Google, who dominate Search, which means they’re tracking your every move.

Christer Holloman - Founder, Divido

Divido is an embedded Buy Now Pay Later platform. I spoke to Christer about his new book on how banks innovate.

Dan Preston, CEO, Metromile

Metromile; the pioneers of digital engagement insurance - The Digital Insurer
Rick Huckstep talks to Dan Preston, the CEO of auto insurer Metromile about digital engagement and pay-per-mile insurance

Darja Gutnick - Founder, Bunch

Bunch is a leadership coaching and development tool that uses AI to personalise the individualise the learning process.

BUNCH - the AI coach building leaders one power-skill at a time
Bunch is an AI enabled, digital leadership coach that lives in your phone and is with you every step of the way on your journey to be a better leader

Vlastimil Vodicka - CEO, Leadspicker

Leadspicker is a lead-generation startup that uses AI and automation tools to take the hard work out of the sale process.

LEADSPICKER - the AI sales prospecting machine
Leadspicker uses AI and automation to take the slog out of lead generation for sales organisations.

Ntando Kubheka - Founder, Sugar Insurance

Sugar is a South African startup providing home insurance for people living in informal dwellings.

SUGAR - Home Insurance for those that need it most
How do you get home insurance if you live in a rural dwelling? Sugar is a South African startup with an answer.

Tomer Kashi, Founder and CEO, Voom

Voom is an on-demand, telematics-based InsurTech platform for specialized mobility products.

Mobility is changing the way we get from A to B - The Digital Insurer
For this month’s InsurTech Insights, Rick Huckstep takes a look at mobility and the shift from ownership to sharing and how we get from A to B...

David Daiches - Co-founder, Inshur

Uber and Lyft have defined the ride sharing market. In this interview with the co-founder of InsurTech startup, David Daiches, I explain the Uber effect on the market.

Redefining Insurance for the Gig Economy - The Digital Insurer
For this month’s InsurTech Insights, Rick Huckstep looks at the InsurTech approach for the gig economy, and the rise of the ride-sharing platforms
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