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Nov 1, 2021 5 min read

πŸ“€ Wiser! CatchUp #2: In Case You Missed It!

Wiser! CatchUp #2: the top stories, news, analysis, insights and information from across the Wiser! Newsletter in October 2021.

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Twitter: The month ended with the story that Jack Dorsey has quit as the CEO of Twitter.β€Œ

I'll be covering this story in Friday's issue of Wiser! but thought you'd like to see the post I wrote on Linkedin when the news broke. Or this piece at the end of October about Twitter's own research that shows how the platform is biased towards amplifying right-wing content.β€Œ

The Metaverse: The Metaverse continues to be the centre of attention ever since Mark Zuckerberg shone a giant spotlight on it with the renaming of Facebook to meta.β€Œ

This is such an important subject that EVERY subscriber to Wiser! received the 2 part essay on the Metaverse in their Inbox. In Part 1 I wrote about what this means for Facebook and answered the question "what is it?". In Part 2 I took a more practical journey into what the Metaverse means in reality.

Microsoft followed suit and threw their hat into the Metaverse ring with their virtual reality solution for home workers. Shortly followed by a partnership announcement between Microsoft and MetaFacebook to combine Teams and Workplace.

Meanwhile, Canadian online retailer Shopify showcased its VR solution to build community amongst its stay at-home workforce. And Adidas bought a piece of virtual land on Sandbox.

Getting back to Facebook, they showcased their new haptic gloves (a key wearable in the meta armoury as they turn us all into Ironman).

But the big questions for Facebook are, will the Metaverse landgrab work? And will the renaming hold or will the social media giant forever be known as Facebook? Here's what some of my Linkedin followers thought about that...β€Œ


The Metaverse morphs into the Attention Economy with this next story. In the November 19th issue I wrote about the use of deepfake technology in e-commerce. It seems that influencers are not actually wearing the clothes they are wearing in the ads. They're digitally enhanced...as if the influencers were not fake enough! β€Œ

Attention Economy: The trend for live shopping is growing across social media as they look for new ways to grab and keep hold of your attention.

If you don't believe me, listen to this. A chap called 'the lipstick king' sold $1.7 billion of makeup ina Β 12 hour Livestream on social media.

I've written before about TikTok's move in this space in previous issues. The latest platform to join in is Pinterest. The launch of the unimaginatively named Pinterest TV will give influencers access to the platform’s 454 million regular users.

Clubhouse rolled out new features just as reports surfaced that it's user numbers have fallen off a cliff!β€Œ

In CryptoCorner: Bitcoin showed its price volatility as it approached $70,000 mid month before falling to $54,000 2 weeks later.

At the start of the month I reported on Bitcoin and Eth demand outstripping supply, pushing the price to new highs. Investors then took advantage with some cashing in on the record high prices whilst others bought the dip (notably, El Salvador's President Bukele and MicrosStrategy's Micheal Saylor).

OpenAI's Sam Altman launched WorldCoin, a token for the people of the world that is signed and secured by biometric eye scans stored on a blockchain.

Meanwhile, in the world of digital currencies, a consortium of around 70 of Japan's largest banks plan to launch the DCJPY, a digital Yen. And, Nigeria became the latest nation, and the first in Africa, to launch a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). β€Œ

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w/Snippets of Insight and Information

Top Headlines of the Month

Facebook shutdown its facial recognition AI

Robinhood data breach exposed the data to 7 million customers

Alphabet (aka Google) joined the $2 trillion club

Lemonade bought Metromile (I've interviewed both CEOs, follow the link to read them).

Substack is being used as a platform for misinformation by influencers booted off other social media platforms.

Miramax is suing Tarantino over his plans to make Pulp Fiction screenshots into NFTs

Apple relents to pressure and opens up to letting others repair their devices.

Tencent is the latest BigTech to fall foul of China's BigTech Crackdown as they are banned from updating and releasing any new apps.β€Œ

'NFT' is the Collins' Word of the Year (even though it is technically a 3-letter acronym)

50% of all Facebook Messenger traffic comes from Cambodiaβ€Œ

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