Jun 25, 2021 10 min read

Robots and the Rise of the Machines

Robots and the Rise of the Machines

Wiser! #20 (Premium): Strategic Insight on the global robotics market that is growing at 20% CAGR. With China leading the way and Robots deployed in many industries. Plus Nike case study

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Global robotics market

In the 2008 movie WALL-E, a solitary robot is left to clean up the garbage left on planet Earth. Set in the 29th century, after decades of consumerism, greed and neglect, Earth is uninhabitable.

And humankind has evacuated to live in giant colonies in space. (Which all sounds a bit like a Jeff Bezos vision for the future!)

However, back here on 21st Century Earth, the robotics market is doing a whole lot more than just cleaning up after humankind.

And the market is booming.

In 2020, the global robotics market was valued at $23.6 billion and is predicted to continue growing at a rate of around 20% a year and hit $74 billion by 2026.

It will come as no surprise that China is the largest market in the world, closely followed by Japan, South Korea, the USA and Germany.

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