What Are Consumer Brands Doing In Web3, Blockchain and the Metaverse?
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Jan 1, 2021 4 min read

Wiser! Video Library.

Wiser! Video Library.
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Making Sense of Metaverse & NFTs in Conversation with James Hirst

Apple's Unfair Advantage, Meta's Largest Ever Fine, Why TikTok Is As Addictive As Slots

Dolce & Gabbana's NFT Experiment, Musk/Twitter Latest, What Zuckerberg Reveals to Rogan

Budweiser partner with Zed Run to Run Blockchain Gaming In The Metaverse

Wiser! #30: Sandberg Leaves Facebook, Mastercard's Facial Recognition, Elon Musk, Twitter, Apple

Wiser! #29: Does Heavy Social Media Use Lead To Teenage Anxiety? (New Study Suggests it Does!)

Wiser! #28: Apple's Journey to a $1 Trillion Revenues and the Ultimate Lifestyle Subscription

Wiser! #27: Amazon's strategic pursuit to own your home with robots, drones and a talking Mickey

Wiser! #26 - Can iPhone detect mental illness? Amazon’s use of AI to drive employee productivity

Daniel Schreiber talks to Rick Huckstep about Lemonade, the AI insurer with a social conscience

Wiser! #25: Daniel Schreiber talks exclusively with Rick Huckstep on Lemonade's 5th birthday

Wiser! #24: When Governments shutdown the Internet. Bitcoin Mining, Zoom v Teams

Wiser! #22: Facebook's World Domination Strategy through their Novi crypto wallet

Wiser! #21: Apple’s CSAM child protection explained; Crypto hacking, & Google Search v The Rest

Wiser! #20: China's BigTech Crackdown

Wiser! #19: Was Joe Biden right to blame Facebook for Vaccine Misinformation?

Wiser! #18 - Google gets fined, Ethereum saves the planet and Pizza making Robots!

Wiser! #17 - How Banks Innovate: Learnings from Fintech CEO Christer Holloman

Wiser! #16 - Robinhood; is it the good samaritan or an evil menace?

Wiser! #14 - Robots and the Rise of the Machines

Wiser! #13 - Putting Bitcoin on the balance sheet in a Crypto Wild West

Wiser! #12 - Amazon's employee nightmare, Bezos under the Spotlight

Wiser! #11 - Apple, Amazon and Google's pursuit of the $10 Trillion Healthcare Market

Wiser! #10 - Apple's new wearable tech, CBDCs and TikTok Radio

Wiser! #09 - BigTech’s Space Race between the 2 Richest Men in the World!

Wiser! #08 - China’s Cashless Society, with digital payments expert Richard Turrin

Wiser! #07 - Apple's battle with Epic | Ether | Why Lemonade is the gangster disruptor in Insurance

Wiser! #06 - Why is Apple the most valuable company in the world?

Wiser! #05 - Buying with Bitcoin, EU Tech Regs and China’s shift to a digital economy

Wiser! #04 - Virtual Humans: the Quest for Realism, Entertainment and Influence

Wiser! #03 - Microsoft, Coinbase, TikTok

Wiser! #02 - Bitcoin, Crypto & Pizza

Wiser! #01- Deepfakes, NFTs, augmented reality and digital dentists

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