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Dec 2, 2022 14 min read

πŸ₯ Wiser! #102: Twitter Alternatives | Galactica Cock-Up | Online Safety | Disney's Time Machine | Porsche NFTs

πŸ₯ Wiser! #102: Twitter Alternatives | Galactica Cock-Up | Online Safety | Disney's Time Machine | Porsche NFTs

Wiser! #102: Does Musk have a cunning plan for Twitter? Weird actions that shine a spotlight on alternative platforms. Plus: Meta fined again & make a cock-up with Galactica. The UK debates online safety and Porsche are the latest auto manufacturer to get into NFTs.

w/Wiser! #102 - Friday 2nd December


In this week's Wiser!:

  • Elon continues to dominate the airwaves. Which partly explains why Trump hasn't returned to share the limelight on Twitter. But is there a more cynical reason for Musk driving Twitter into the ground...
  • ...which is why I've reviewed 10+1 alternatives to Twitter,
  • Meta get fined again making that almost a $1 billion to the EU in 2022,
  • Meta also in the news for Galactica, the AI that was supposed to change the world of science, but...
  • The UK's Online Safety Bill should be setting a high bar for protecting kids, reducing hate and preventing crime. Does it?
  • Consumer brands are piling into emerging tech - Porsche and BMW have joined in this week,
  • Disney have an AI time machine to change the age of actors in movies,
  • And, meet Andi, the AI search engine that's much better than Google.

Plus, tons of links, headlines and my guest appearance on someone else's podcast.

ATB, Rick

P.s. Remember: Insight and Information Gives You Leverage!

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