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Mar 24, 2023 10 min read

🤔 Wiser! #118: AI CEOs | Salesforce NFTs | GPT Misinfo | NotionAI | Ikea Drones

Wiser! #118: There's more going on than just generative AI, although it's hard to find it under the "AI solves world hunger" headlines. In this week's Wiser! I find out what's also happening in tech, innovation and strategy.

🤔 Wiser! #118: AI CEOs | Salesforce NFTs | GPT Misinfo | NotionAI | Ikea Drones
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w/Wiser! #118 - 24th March 2023


Beware the AI

Tech news continues to be dominated by AI and the promise of an automated and super-charged level of productivity. As soon as Elon Musk connects Neuralink to Google Workspace, all you'll have to do is think about answering that email and the AI will do it for you...or so we're led to believe!

Here's The Thing: along with all the excitement, new features and fancy demos comes a bucketful of hype and over-promise. I'm one of the worst when it comes to getting carried away, but that's because I want it to work. This week I downloaded Microsoft Edge onto my MacBook and it runs well, in fact I'm quite impressed with Edge as a browser. But the reason I did it was to play with Bing Chat and the AI enabled 365 productivity suite bundled into Edge. All was great, until I started to use it..and then the limitations became obvious.

I tested Bing chat with a long prompt - I was researching a major brand and their projects in emerging tech. I listed multiple technologies and I got back a comprehensive written answer, organised by technology. My first thoughts were "amazing!" and so much more helpful than getting back a bunch of links to wade through. So I used the same prompt but with a different company name and tried it again.

Guess what, I got exactly the same answers back! Almost word for word. So I tried a different brand name and, guess what? I got exactly the same answer back. I checked the source for each of the three identical answers and they all took me to the same research paper that didn't mention any of the brand names! Bizarre, to say the least.

The lesson is; beware the AI that over promises and under-delivers.

In this week's newsletter, the content is heavily weighted towards AI. Even the supporting webpage, Wiser! Tech is AI focused this week. There are plenty of non-AI stories too and it won't last forever, but its a lot more fun than writing about Elon's Twitter fiasco every week.

Remember: Insight and Information Gives You Leverage!

ATB, Rick

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The Future of Anti-Ageing Technology: Extending Our Active Healthspan

For this week's feature article for Premium readers, I look at AgeTech: the technology sector that's invested $billions to understand the ageing process. To be clear, this isn't about finding the secret to ever-lasting life. This is about increasing our "healthspan" - the measure of time when we are fit and healthy enough to lead a full life without the burden of an ageing body. It's the science of getting old without getting older.


1. Company with an AI CEO outperforms the Hong Kong stock market

Last August, NetDragon Websoft, a Hong Kong-based online gaming firm with $2.1 billion in annual revenue, appointed a CEO to lead its flagship subsidiary. Unlike a traditional, human-based CEO, the new leader for this business was an Artificial Intelligence CEO.

Here's The Thing: With the new 24-hours-a-day, performance bonus free, boss in charge, the business outperformed the HK stock market. Now, let's be honest, this story is a but gimmicky. But the serious point is that much of what any worker does, let alone a CEO, is repetitive, routine and adds little value. McKinsey calculated a quarter of a CEO's work can be automated. Which is why this story caught my eye, because the thrust of all the new generative AI productivity features from Microsoft, Google, and every other productivity platform is about saving you time and getting you from A to B faster.

Continue reading...➜ (for more details on the AI CEO and data about how much CEOs get paid compared to the rest of us)


2. Salesforce has built an NFT platform for brands to build customer loyalty programmes

Salesforce, the cloud sales automation company, has launched a new platform that allows consumer brands to create custom loyalty programs using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They’ve already onboarded well-known brands such as whisky brand Crown Royal, clothing brand Scotch & Soda, and toy brand Mattel.

Here's The Thing: This is exactly what I've been banging on about for the past year. Consumer brands are exploring ways to use NFTs, digital assets, blockchain technology into customer engagement. Salesforce building a platform that integrates with the corporate CRM system is an acknowledgment that big brands want this capability.

Continue reading...➜ (for more details on the Salesforce NFT Cloud platform and the consumer brands using it)

To learn more about the emerging technology use-cases 0f 250 consumer brands in AI, web3 and the Metaverse, check this out.


3. Notion’s strategic bet on AI

If you've not heard of Notion, they're a San Francisco-based productivity startup that built an all-encompassing product, simply called Notion. It's the platform at the heart of everything I do for Wiser! I use it store all my web clippings, write my newsletters, articles and features, manage all my research notes, prepare content schedules, podcast scripts, finances. It even makes a fine cup of tea!

Here's The Thing: Notion has integrated generative AI into the heart of the product. Why? Because overnight they've increased the productivity value of their productivity tool. And they're not alone. I picked NotionAI as the example here simply because I use it every day. The point is that this is not just the domain of Google and Microsoft, there are many tools and products that are integrating generative AI right into the heart of their products.

Continue reading...➜ (for more details on NotionAI and the story behind it)


4. Microsoft's Copilot AI to be rollout across the whole of the 365 productivity suite

Speaking of Microsoft, they're adding generative AI across the whole 365 productivity suite (which used to be known as Microsoft Office). Called Copilot AI, this is a natural-language-based user interface, ie. you just say what you want to do with your documents and Copilot spits out answers or performs actions.

Here's The Thing: With Copilot AI integrated directly into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams, etc, Microsoft, like Notion, have just made their productivity tools more productive. Now, to be clear, there's still  gap between the marketing presentation of what they can do and the reality of what Copilot can do (so be careful of the hype.) But the thing is that these are early days and the AI will only get better. The strategic question is, in the long run, will we actually need spreadsheets and word processors, or just a great big ol' AI machine?

Continue reading...➜ (for more insights on Microsoft's Copilot and strategy for the use of generative AI in its products)


5. GPT-4 found to be better than GPT-3 at misinformation

In January, Newsguard tested GPT-3.5 to see how it performed when asked to generate content that was known to be inaccurate, misleading or contentious. They found that the previous iteration happily churned out misinformation in 4 out of 5 cases. They've just tested the latest iteration of GPT (4) and found that the latest version better (or worse depending on your POV) at misinformation, scoring 5 out of 5!

Here's The Thing: When GPT-4 was released last week, OpenAI made a point at saying they'd made  it safer. They said, "GPT-4 is 82% less likely to respond to requests for disallowed content and 40% more likely to produce factual responses than GPT-3.5 on our internal evaluations.” But the Newsguard tests challenge this. They found that not only was GPT-4 MORE likely to write misinformation, it was also more more CONVINCING at doing it! The issue this exposes is that defining misinformation is as tricky as content moderation. (Just look at Twitter. Since Musk relaxed content moderation controls, reports of hate speech and misinformation have soared.

Continue reading...➜ (for more insights on Microsoft's Copilot and strategy for the use of generative AI in its products)


Wiser! AI: What's happened in AI this week

There's so much news in the AI space that I've used this week's issue of Wiser! Tech to capture it all. For more insights and information about what's happening in AI than I can put into a single newsletter, read this, you won't be disappointed.

Wiser Tech #118: What happened in AI this week
There’s so much going on with generative AI, that I’ve put all this week’s artificial intelligence stories on their own page.


In Other non-AI Tech News

Rage-Baiting: A Mexican clothing brand that provocatively market themselves as “fascist,” exploit Twitter’s lax content moderation rules to promote their brand. But not to their fan base. Instead, they market their message to prominent opponents to stimulate outrage and get them to inadvertently use their platforms to magnify brands message. Source


The latest in Brand Strategy

This week, I've updated the Brand Strategy Collection with:

  • Starbucks: The NFT rewards  collection sold out within minutes generating a secondary market value over $120k.
  • Yves Saint Laurent: Black Opium NFT marketing campaign goes into 2nd phase, offering exclusivity and status to NFT holders.
  • Ikea: use drones across 100 locations for stock inventory management.
  • Vodafone: use of virtual and augmented reality for immersive and education experiences.
  • Toyota: updates to Woven City, their strategic development of a mobility city of the future.
To learn so much more about the use-cases of emerging technologies in the strategies of over 250 consumer brands, read this...


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