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Apr 15, 2023 10 min read

🤔 Wiser! #121: AI Copywrite | Adidas NFTs | Origami e-Bike | Substack Notes | Bitcoin Mines

Wiser! #121: AI continues to dominate the headlines as the technology challenges all parts of our digital lives. In other news, adidas launch dynamic NFTs, the origami e-Bike, palm payments, Bitcoin mining and Substack Notes.

🤔 Wiser! #121: AI Copywrite | Adidas NFTs | Origami e-Bike | Substack Notes | Bitcoin Mines
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w/Wiser! #121 - 15th April 2023


This week I am throwing myself at your mercy. I said I'd never do it again and, I'm sorry to say, I've fallen off the wagon. To be precise, the Elon Musk/Twitter wagon. I know, I know. My name is Rick Huckstep and I'm a Twitter-holic.

Here's the thing...I've been off Twitter since the start of the year, and frankly, I don't miss it. I use it only when I need to. But Musk has a habit of being able to draw one's attention, even at a time when the world is preoccupied with AI. This week it was the impromptu televised interview Musk gave with the BBC. I watched it and tell you my thoughts in this week's Wiser! (plus the Twitter v Substack wrangle and a few other Twitter related headlines.)

Apart from that, it's pretty much all about emerging technologies as usual, which I hope you enjoy. Remember to leave me a comment or a thumbs up using the buttons at the bottom of the email. To leave a comment you'll need to be logged in. It's easy, you'll only ever do it once and it only takes a second.

ATB, Rick

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Stable Diffusion is a revolutionary AI software that can turn text into images. It has the ability to generate images by training on hundreds of millions of example images sourced from across the web.

While some of these images were in the public domain or published under permissive licences such as Creative Commons, many others were not. The world's artists and photographers have voiced their concern and filed copyright lawsuits against Stability AI, the startup responsible for creating Stable Diffusion.


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Adidas release their latest web3 consumer engagement initiative.

Adidas has released the ALTS by Adidas collection, a new dynamic NFT collection with eight different "ALT[er] egos" that correspond to different rarity traits and interactive storylines. A novel feature allows holders of NFTs to burn their NFTs to receive a new NFT from the Adidas collection. So what, I hear you thinking?

Here’s The Thing: Each Adidas NFT unlocks various utilities for holders. From having a stake in the “ALTS by Adidas” ecosystem to access to exclusive virtual wearables, Adidas is pushing ahead with its brand strategy to bring its sports fashion style to Web3 through these blockchain based digital apparel collections.

Continue reading…(for a longer explanation, links and promo video.)


Stilride announce the world’s first “origami” e-Bike from Sweden

Swedish startup Stilride has unveiled the Stilride 1, an electric motorcycle that uses a revolutionary design process called "industrial origami." The process involves folding a single sheet of stainless steel instead of welding it, producing minimal pollutants.

Here’s The Thing: the bike's lightweight design, unique manufactoring process  and locally produced parts tick all the “sustainable” boxes, without compromising on premium features (like its HUB motor system, single shock absorber, and multi-link rear suspension, whatever all of that means). The €15k Stilride 1 is made to order and designed for motorcycle enthusiasts with an eye on sustainability.

Continue reading…(for pictures of the Stilride 1.)


Amazon is rolling out cashless palm payments tech in its stores

Amazon’s frictionless payment checkout technology is being rolled out across multiple Whole Foods locations in Denver, Colorado. The Denver roll outs also include Amazon’s Dash Cart, which allows shoppers to fill their trolleys with items and walk out the store without going through a check-out.

Here’s The Thing: Wiser! Readers will remember that I recently included the news that Panera restaurants has also introduced Amazon One's palm payments. It's also available for some airport travel retailers and at several sports stadiums. Amazon's brand strategy is clear, it's still all about convenience.

Learn more (🎙️)


The day that Elon Musk spoke to the BBC

Earlier this week, with about 20 minutes notice, Elon Musk invited a BBC tech reporter to share a Twitter Spaces discussion. They talked about Musk’s buying of Twitter and what he’s done since, how’s he’s coping and where he’s going with it.

Here’s The Thing: Elon Musk has taken a functioning business that made no money but with a brand that punched well about its weight…and turned it into a loss making business run by a skelton staff with a damaged, possibly irreparable brand. Musk says the metrics look good and advertisers are returning, but I’ve never worked with an tech founder who hasn’t said exactly the same thing, regardless of the reality.

Continue reading….(for Bing AI’s top 5 takeaways, the full BBC interview on YouTube and The Elon Musk Show.)


Is Substack Notes a real challenger to Twitter?

Substack, the newsletter platform, has launched a new feature called Substack Notes, which allows creators to post short messages and engage with their audience. The feature has drawn the ire of Twitter, which has taken aggressive actions against Substack, including changing its code and adding warning messages. Elon Musk even claimed that Substack was downloading the Twitter database, although this is unverified. Substack takes a 10% cut of subscription income but provides all other services for free.

Here’s The Thing: It looks, feels and acts like Twitter. Substack creators can post short text messages, share links or kick off discussions with their audiences who respond to the messages. It’s an engagement tool that lets the newsletter authors connect with their community. Like I said, it’s like Twitter, except without all the unsavoury, unpleasant and unwanted content.

Continue Reading...(for screenshots, links and further explanation.)


What's happening in AI?

  • Amazon announced that its working on generative AI aimed at its cloud customers. The company will debut two large-language models: one for generating text and one for web search personalisation.
  • Bloomberg created an AI model similar to ChatGPT that can accurately answer questions. The company plans to integrate the tech into its financial services information terminal.
  • In a related move, Alphabet is leading a $100 million investment in an AI startup called AlphaSense. The startup aims to compete with the likes of Bloomberg in providing financial services research
  • Here’s a story of an AI used to clone a teen girl’s voice in $1M kidnapping scam: ‘I’ve got your daughter’
  • Neural Networks seem to be good enough at simulating human neurons for consciousness. Here’s how and why.
  • An AI entirely recreated a 51-minute episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience". The episode features AI-generated versions of Joe Rogan and Sam Altman discussing topics such as AI ethics and its impact on content creation.
  • Universal Music Group has told streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple, to block artificial intelligence services from scraping melodies and lyrics from their copyrighted songs.
  • A Japanese breakthrough in AI research raises the possibility of mind-reading technology. It has sparked a debate about the potential ethical concerns and implications for privacy, surveillance, and personal autonomy
Alphabet have integrated AI into Google Docs to automate functions such as generating email drafts and composing marketing messages. However, there are limitations to the AI's accuracy and editing options, and it may produce boilerplate writing or overly creative elaborations.

Continue reading…(with five examples and a demonstration from Wonder Tools.)


Utility and long term value are the most important factors when buying NFTs

A new research study conducted by CoinGecko and Blockchain Research Lab suggests that we're trending in the right direction when it comes to overall interest in NFTs. The survey found that the two most important factors when consumers decided to buy an NFT were: Utility and Long Term Profit.

Here’s The Thing: You can ignore the headlines about short term mega gains from selling NFTs. They’re the exceptions and a function of the immaturity of the space. The real value in NFTs will come from it’s forward utility (as a key to unlock rewards and experiences and its long term value (as a collectable.)

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Some Crypto News


In Other News

Did you know that the original Bitcoin White Paper from 2008 is “secretly” hidden in very Apple computer? To find it, navigate to MacintoshHD/System/Library/Image Capture/Devices. Right click 'VirtualScanner' and select 'Show Package Contents.' Navigate to the 'Resources' folder and open 'simpledoc.pdf.' And there you have it, the Bitcoin white paper. The “secret” has been known since 2020 thanks to Josh D, the guy who discovered it.


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This week's updates include:

  • Tommy Hilfiger implemented virtual try-on in their London store.
  • Walmart to adding EV chargers to thousands of sites.
  • IKEA launched a virtual online interior design service.
  • Sony filed a patent for interoperability of NFTs in video games.
  • Adidas release a new dynamic NFT collection.
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