Nov 4, 2021 2 min read

WorldCoins; crypto by the people, for the people

WorldCoins; crypto by the people, for the people

Wiser! Essay: Sam Altman has a plan for the world and it involves biometric identity management of a global crypto currency to raise the poorest in the world from poverty.

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Y-Combinator founder and OpenAI’s Sam Altman has shared his plans for a global universal basic income. However, lots of people didn’t like what they heard.

Altman’s new project is a cryptocurrency called Worldcoin, plus an innovative plan for rapid worldwide adoption. Altman pitched Worldcoin as a way to combat bots and false accounts online by scanning the irises of users, connected to their public identities.

To claim your Worldcoins, Altman wants you first to stare into a metal sphere called the Orb, which will scan your eyes. Having registered your unique human identity with the startup, you’ll be allotted your coins.

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